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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean product?

Products made with BioThane® coated webbing are easily cleaned! They can be cleaned with soapy dishwater then rinsed with water.

Do you make these products?

Shumate Leash and Collar brand products are made by us. Products start as webbing and hardware. Then we cut material and rivet on hardware.

Are your products chew proof?

We do make are products from durable materials. And other products we sell are of quality. However, nothing is chew proof. Please supervise your dog when it is playing with toys. Dog leashes and collars are NOT DOG TOYS

How to size for a Dog Collar?

Shumate’s Dog collars are made on true/actual measurements. For example, 16 inches would be 16 inches (+/- 1/4″) To measure for a dog collar, use a tailors tape/sewing tape measure. Measure on the dogs neck where the collar will sit. You can measure with two fingers between the tape and the neck to allow for proper fit or add an 1″ to the actual measurement. You want a collar to be snug enough the dog can’t slip out but not too tight either.

How to measure for Waist Belt?

Our waist belts we make true to size also. Example 38 inches would be 38 inches (+/- 1/4″) To measure you can use a tailors tape/sewing tape measure wrap around waist were belt would sit and there is your measurement. Or you can take existing belt lay flat and measure from were buckle meets material to the hole you use.

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