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Why Shumate Leash & Collar?

Greetings my name is Blake and the dog in the picture is my best friend Dante. Many that know me would know I am an avid dog owner. As you could imagine over the years I have spent many hours out walking and hiking dogs. The region I live in we have all kinds of weather it rains a lot, we get snow, and gets warm in summer. Finding a material that excels in the varied conditions can be hard. But we found it and use it to make our Dog leashes, collars, and men’s waist belts. The material we use is BioThane®. BioThane® is waterproof, odor resistant, easy to clean, and made in the USA! For more info on there coated webbing check them out at www.biothane.us

Why buy USA made products?

Support Local Economies

Quality Assurance

Job Creation

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Made in the USA!

Shumate Leash and Collar products are made in Somerset County, PA USA! We also carry some other made in the USA products.

Other made in the USA products we carry

Lupine Pet
Soda pup
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